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Back after extended Absence

When I moved my sites from godaddy to host gator a good few years ago I was swamped, so I didn’t take the time to work out how my content would move.

Despite my severe lack of planning I had DB backups form the old site, and apart from a few table structure changes things went well (I am looking at you wp_links).

When I did raw imports my site would go blank, but with a bit of care and lining up DDLs and inserting one table at a time, here we are.


Skin has changed, some pieces are jaunty (may have been originally as I was posting after long days in the saddle) but we are back (and also backing up XML now) ๐Ÿ™‚


Of course the whole idea of moving to host gator was so I could host multiple sites with less hosting costs, now that I have this working I wonder if I should ship it over to my cloudatcost site ๐Ÿ™‚


Whats in a name

As I recall I first heard of the term bapper to refer to a motorcycle from the Van Dyke Road , Feather Bed lane area of N.J. The Term bapper was then used to refer to dirt bikes, as when you wind them up they go BaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA, BBaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA BAAAAAAAAAAAAA BAAAAAAAAAAA etc.

I had gotten into the habit of calling bikes bappers and when I picked up the ST it seemed the only sensible moniker.
Of course bapper is any bike โ€œThe Bapperโ€ is one in particular.

When the Bapper was Young

The real purpose behind this blog is to track my travels on the Bapper. All good journeys of course have a beginning; for this road trip it began in March of ’06 when this fine ’05 R1200ST came into my possession with 17 delivery miles upon her.

Ryan was good enough to take me to Bobs to buy the machine; for me of course my enjoyment of motorcycles had started when I was much younger, and some day I will post some of the early photos on this blog.

Buying the bike was quite a change from the last time I had ridding a bike on the street, it was a DT80 and occasionally a VF750 almost a decade before.
When you buy a new bike as a part of the ride handover they are good enough to explain how nothing works right, tires are slippy, brakes may be jumpy, power may not apply consistently and I went from that to rolling around the DC Beltway at rush hour, terrifed at any moment that the machine would fall out of from.

Luckily I had Ryan behind me in the car, he must have been at least as nervous as I was, and he had the benefit of also being able to see my ass crack the whole time.

That was not the beginning of my riding, but it was the beginning of my riding this machine; at the time of writing I have something like 25K miles on her, and when I get done on this trip it will be closer to 31K ๐Ÿ™‚

Safe travels.