Monthly Archives: October 2014

Back after extended Absence

When I moved my sites from godaddy to host gator a good few years ago I was swamped, so I didn’t take the time to work out how my content would move.

Despite my severe lack of planning I had DB backups form the old site, and apart from a few table structure changes things went well (I am looking at you wp_links).

When I did raw imports my site would go blank, but with a bit of care and lining up DDLs and inserting one table at a time, here we are.


Skin has changed, some pieces are jaunty (may have been originally as I was posting after long days in the saddle) but we are back (and also backing up XML now) 🙂


Of course the whole idea of moving to host gator was so I could host multiple sites with less hosting costs, now that I have this working I wonder if I should ship it over to my cloudatcost site 🙂