Getting ready to leave

Today seems to be my most ilconvinced loading to date, the problem is since its just 400 miles to ride today I did not focus on business. So I ended up with all the heavy stuff on one side of the machine, I expect to be pretty sore by the time I get to TN but I am not ready to change it all now.

I also felt that since people would be coming a lot of miles to get to the rally I would bring a lot more tools that usual to try and help people out, it was only at the last minute that I pulled out a monster hammer, so we will see how it goes.

This should be the last outing for my trusty tent, it is a fantastic tent, but three years old and much too big for motorcycle camping.

I will check in from Johnson city, at just 1300 miles this trip is really a short one, so I hope to get some nice milage in the smokey mountains when down that way.


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