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2007 Roadtrip – Retrospective and Eanes Service

Prepping for my first big roadtrip

I didn’t Blog this one live, but it is of course just a matter of time before my brain changes all of this it seemed like a good idea to write some of it down.

Before the 2007 roadtrip  I really had no idea what I was doing, both in terms of working on the bapper and in terms of loading it up for a decent length run.

 I popped out to the compound and Eanes was able to work out the service. Despite my having picked up the service manual I was baffled by the valve adjustment.  Tommy_working_Bapper_Port_Engine



Not a problem, good old Eanes got me squared away, also learned the advantage of having a center stand, as we ended up balancing the cycle on some 2x4s on milk crates.



Not to worry, all set, ready for the road.